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"I speak little. I watch a lot. And I'm happy only when I'm naked."

Born in 1974 in Altamura (Italy), where he lives and his studio is based. 

Since 1995 he has embarked on a personal self-taught path that leads him to experiment first with drawing and painting and then with theater, with workshops on body language. 

In 2003 he rediscovers photography and consolidates his knowledge through targeted paths. He achieves the Master in Fashion Photography in Milan; he attends several workshops on portrait and paths on figure and body photography. At the same time he consolidates his knowledge of digital post production and in the last period of Fine Art printing processes and hybrid interventions on images. In 2008 he opens his own studio, working for companies, brands, agencies and individuals. This is accompanied by a personal search for him. Focused on a process of subtraction, his photography always has the human being as its subject, the revelation as an act of liberation and the constant search for the concept of beauty. He has at heart the theme of the relationship between “image and memory” and the portrait, understood as an encounter between two people. 

In 2018 he published Fallen, his first self-publishing book with a limited edition. He is he co-founder of PAF - Piccola Accademia di Fotografia of which he is now the director. He regularly conducts courses, workshops and meetings on photography.

Nicola Petrara
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