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ADAM is the archetype of a unit of measurement: the Man. Adam is the eternal conflict between what he wants and what he has to be. He is the continuous choices one has to make, the self-building on a moment-to-moment basis. 


Adam embodies the greatest burden every human being must confront sooner or later: the sense of loneliness. Despite the comforting presence of our loved ones, the wide network of acquaintances build up in our social life, even when we are surrounded by any means capable of positioning ourselves at the centre of an attention that can turn us into flattered and followed idols, we are eventually alone in the mirror of our inner selves.


The Man, Adam, is placed in his personal limbo, in that space where the only unprovable truth is his. Here he can choose the effort, the self-contemplation, the game, the failure, the abandonment, the resistance, the doubt, the way. 

As God’s son, he can ask for a spouse, but Adam-the Man bears within him the pain of being alone. He harbours that primordial cry following childbirth, which is immediately appeased, caressed, comforted, surrounded by love and deceived with the illusion of healing.


The modern existence of Adam-the Man is liquid, amplified by an exponential syndrome of accumulation: we cover ourselves with certainties to reach steady state, but it is towards nudity that we are inevitably going .